VIDEO: Retire the Penny

Written by members of English 204 (The Craft of Argument): Prof. Tim Arner, Connor Bailey, Chaya Chetsandtikhun, James Dowell, Graham Fisher, Silvia Foster-Frau, Hayes Gardner, Emily Hines, Emily Mesev, Cole Miller, Jazmyn Taylor, Samuel Turner, Yifei Zhang, and Milliana Zonarich.

Directed and Produced by Chaya Chetsandtikhun.

2 responses to “VIDEO: Retire the Penny

  1. As a professional videographer, I can admire your knowledge of the importance of B-roll footage, but I would try to include more relevant footage. The swiping of coins on to the floor works. Though there could have also been shots of money being exchanged between hands, or a bill being fed into a soda machine for example. Because you have so many people featured in your video, you could have varied the composition a bit more. The environments were constantly changed, which was good, but you could have framed your subjects differently each time a new one was talking. For instance the first 3 subjects were shot in the same way. Maybe move the second to the right of the frame instead of the left, and move the third subject farther away from the camera, just to differentiate between them and keep them interesting for the viewer to watch. If there are two subjects on the screen at once, it’s okay to get a close up of the one that isn’t currently speaking. He could be seen listening to his peer or nodding in agreement, although I do know that’s not always possible. I’d also try to balance out the amount of B-roll footage used throughout the video, the second half got just a little bit too heavy on that with not enough footage of the subject speaking, almost as if it’s already inviting the audience to tune out. The After Effects statistics were done well though, numbers on screen help.


    • Thanks for your comment! I’m still fairly new to the video production game and shooting this video was definitely a great learning experience. The video was shot in a bit of a rush since we just short of two hours to shoot the whole thing so I was a little worried about getting all of the shots down in time. I certainly look forward to applying some of the things that you mentioned in the future.


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