About The Grinnell Post

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This site hosts essays written by Grinnell College students in response to current events, public debates, and issues of interest to the Grinnell community. Our mission is to allow Grinnell College students to share their work in a public forum and foster conversations with a diverse readership.

We encourage other students, faculty, alumni and the general public to read these articles, comment and share. This website is for educational purposes, so please provide considerate and constructive criticism.

We are grateful for the generous support of Steve Elkes ’83 and Grinnell College’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, led by Prof. David Lopatto.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles reflect only those of their respective author and are not necessarily held by Grinnell College. To the best of our knowledge, all images are used in accordance with the US doctrine for fair use – for transformative and educational purposes – and we intend no copyright infringement.