Contributing Writers

Chayuti Chetsandtikhun is a third-year Psychology major from Bangkok, Thailand with an eclectic mix of interests. He’s open to all sorts of conversations but will get particularly excited about music, video games, and technology.

Silvia Foster-Frau is a fourth-year English major from Galesburg, IL. She’s going to try to be a journalist for a few years, but if that doesn’t work out, then she’ll go get her MFA in creative writing and really be broke. You can e-mail her at or tweet her @SilviaElenaFF.

Emily Hines is a second-year English/Education major from Highland Park, IL. After college, she hopes to return to Chicago to be an English teacher. She spends her free time playing violin, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.

Jazmyn Taylor is a 4th year English Major from Chicago, IL. She’s an aspiring author, and is thus a pro at sprucing up ramen noodles. You can tweet her @jazmynwithaz.

Yifei Zhang is a second-year student majoring in History and Mathematics. Raised in China, he attended high school in Singapore and came to Grinnell in 2013. Besides reading and writing, Yifei enjoys traveling and photography.

Milliana Zonarich is a second-year student majoring in Political Science and Economics. She hails from Memphis, TN, and spends her free time writing, swimming, and reading the comments section.


Timothy Arner is Associate Professor of English. He teaches and researches topics related to medieval and Renaissance literature. He has been at Grinnell since 2008. @TimothyDArner

Emily Mesev built and now manages this website for The Craft of Argument. She is a fourth-year student from Northern Ireland, double-majoring in Biochemistry and English. In the future, she hopes to research infectious diseases (which greatly frightens her mother) and write science fiction.